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Angels in the Mist
What if the World Trade Center and the Pentagon weren't the only targets?

Natasha Greene: Sadly single, impulsive, the “Redheaded Blond”
Trevor Oitfinger: Sadly divorced, a Montana gentlemanAngels in the Mist
Jo’Baer: The leader of a terrorist cell
Time: Days leading up to 9/11
Place: Helena, Montana, USA

Jo’Baer has his team and his weapon. He had the maps and instructions for the target until he lost them. And everything was going so well. So much for keeping a low profile in this little Montana hick-town. Now he must kill to get the documents back.

And he’s running out of time.

For some strange reason Maureen entrusts an envelope to her best friend, Natasha. When Maureen goes missing Natasha calls on Maureen’s ex-husband, Trevor, for help and suddenly they are being threatened and then pursued by strange men with Arab accents. When Maureen is found dead... murdered, Natasha and Trevor find themselves as the prime suspects. Now they are on the run from terrorists and the police, until she discovers what she believes is the murder weapon in Trevor’s truck. She then runs from the man with whom she thought she was falling in love, her only companion, Hero, a very protective Labrador retriever.

Will she stop the terrorists from deploying their weapon or will she simply redirect their target to Helena, Montana? Will she convince the police she didn’t help kill her best friend? Can she put her trust back in Trevor? Will she ever find romance again? Read Sample Chapter.

"What a great story. This is the 2nd book I have read by this author and will read more of his work. The writing is superb, the characters strong and the story believable. It was very difficult to put it down. It was a thrilling ride and I highly recommend it to mystery/thriller fans." BGuilmain "keikomum"

"I really enjoyed this book. The mystery started out right away, pulling me in and leaving me wanting more every time I was forced to put it down. The action was paced well and there was just enough of a romantic element to have me hoping Trevor and Natasha would fall in love. It was a nice easy read, which is just what I like. And it took me on an adventure. Who could ask for more? I will definitely be reading more of this author's books." Penelope S. Childs

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Angels in the Mist

Paperback or Hardcover
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