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Hot Roast Beef with MustardHot Roast Beef with Mustard
It’s a day like any other, except for the money, and the hot roast beef with mustard, chocolate shake and hot apple pie at Charlie’s. Naomi Wilcox’s life is in limbo before that Saturday when she finds herself driving too fast on a two lane blacktop in Nevada, a bag stuffed with bundles of hundred dollar bills by her side, a new life ahead. And then there appears a truck, a bull and a slow talking Cowboy. And still she runs until there is nowhere to go except to Charlie’s where the Cowboy teaches her more than she would have ever imagined, that she has the power to make her own choices.

"When you open a James Paddock novel you know you are going to be reading a well written book with great characters. Naomi has been mired in clycles of depression since the death of her parents. When she "accidently" aquires a large sum of money she flees her job and hits the road. Driving through the desert she berates herself for being so foolish and then the phone rings. A mysterious voice begins to have conversations with her and asks that she meet him at a diner. She would recognize him because he would be the cowboy with a black hat sitting in the back corner. Hot Roast Beef With Mustard is not only a good read it makes you question everything you thought you knew about Deja Vu." Alliji "God's girl"

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Hot Roast Beef
with Mustard

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