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Sabre City by James PaddockSabre City (Sabre-Toothed Cat Book 2)
After 8 years Zechariah Price assumes it is all behind him. Nightmares filled with huge sabre-toothed cats and women screaming still leave him in cold sweats, though less often. He had lost an eye the first time around; Tanya had fractured her back; their marriage had petered on the brink. There was no way he or any of his family was going to set foot in that Montana wilderness again. His 16-year-old daughter, however, decides otherwise and, in hopes of finding out what all the fuss was about when she was just a child, runs off to visit a Montana woman she found in a chat room. She discovers a lot more than she could have imagined, including who her father really was and how much she had inherited from him. Read Sample Chapter

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Sabre City

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